Commander.. this is the future, the year is 1984. Your task is to pilot our last-hope experimental aircraft system. When the time is right, your squad will syncretize into GoVolDot, the most formidable Mech humanity ever created.

Mission Briefing

The alien invaders are back and well prepared for us this time. Remember GoVolDot's characteristics:

  • your reactor is constantly charging the internal cores of GoVolDot
  • your attacks consume energy but destroying the invaders will boost you!
  • your squad will reinforce you once there is enough energy for them
  • GoVolDot system will syncretize automatically the moment you reach critical energy levels

Forward Intelligence:

  • the aliens developed a mysterious energy annihilation weapon they've deployed specifically to target GoVolDot. In retaliation, we've optimized GoVolDot's energy shield to be able to withstand many impacts against enemy vessels.
  • when you find and engage any of the motherships, your scanners will designate their weak-point by rapidly shifting colors

Destroy all alien motherships and save the world! ✨


  • 5 challenging missions, you can jump to any using number keys 1-5 from the intro screen or pause menu 💪
  • 25 unique enemy types 🤖
  • alien mothership evolves to become more formidable and dangerous every mission 🛸
  • eye-popping 2-bit colors and 10 amazing palettes to choose from! 🌈
  • downloadable version adds 6 music tracks for missions/boss composed by Alexey Kasyanchuk (DEgITx, CC BY 4.0), an energizing fusion of chiptune and metal 🤘

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A Tribute to Volguard

This is a (mostly) faithful remake of my favorite game as a kid on my first computer which was an odd 80s NEC computer imported from Japan. Volguard had many ports but none greater than the one on PC-6001, I'm biased though so don't take my word for it 😂

  • Move unit - ⌨️cursor keys  🎮d-pad or left stick
  • Fire! - ⌨️LCtrl, Spacebar, or Z  🎮Xbox(A), Playstation(❎)
  • Change palette - ⌨️X  🎮Xbox(B, X), Playstation(🟥 and ⭕)
  • Pause - ⌨️P, Pause, or Escape  🎮Start button


Please comment below if you find any bugs or issues.



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this is super cool!